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Simon Hall is a communications consultant, journalist, writer, teacher and trainer.

He is a coach and mentor in business, presentation and communication skills at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School.

Simon has 25 years’ experience of the media, mostly as a News Correspondent with the BBC, working across television, radio and online.

He has trained prominent public figures in the art of dealing with the media, how to present a positive image, public speaking, and the effective use of social media.

He also works with schools and colleges, raising students’ aspirations and helping them find jobs in journalism and other prestigious careers.

As well at his teaching and mentoring work, Simon is a novelist.

Seven books have been published in his TV Detective series.

The stories follow a television reporter who covers crimes, but gets so involved in the cases he helps the police to solve them.

Based in Cambridge, Simon is a consultant on the University’s communications work, writing reports and presentations, news releases and social media posts, taking photos and making videos.

He also works with the University, encouraging young people to apply, and teaches undergraduates about careers in the media.

Some of the events Simon has been part of are featured in his videography.

You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram.

Simon is a popular public speaker, talking about his books, broadcasting and communications work, and chairing discussions and chat shows.

You can get in touch with him via the contact page of the site.

Simon Hall welcomes you to his website.

Lastest Post

Paradigm Shifts

Some moments in life just take your breath away. 

And being the curious and magnificent phenomenon that it is, life can spring them upon you at the most mundane times. 

They can teach you important lessons, as well. 

So, the preamble aside, what am I talking about now (as regular readers of these musings must be very familiar with thinking)?

On Friday, I went out for a run. 

Ok, there was nothing remarkable about that.

I try to do 2 or 3 a week, to keep this aged old body is some kind of a passable shape, despite all the... Read more

Faces in the Crowd

One of the most common questions I get asked in my communications work is this - 

How can you feel confident while you're giving a presentation?

Where does that sense of knowing you're getting through, saying the right things, and making an impact come from? 

The answer? I have a little trick that I find always helps.

I gave a couple of presentations last week, which were both challenging in their ways. 

Above is a picture from my talk at Exeter College in Devon, my dear old homestead.

I was speaking to some... Read more