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Simon Hall

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If you need to make a smart, sharp and striking impact with your message, I can help.

I'm a lecturer and coach at the world leading Judge Business School, part of the University of Cambridge, and a former BBC News Correspondent with 20 years' experience.

I've worked in government departments, the finance industry, universities, with small and large businesses, and across the public sector in all areas of communications, including:

  • Public speaking
  • Media training
  • Creating a compelling image
  • Pitching for investment
  • Social media strategy
  • Speech writing
  • Branding
  • Websites
  • Videography and photography
  • Blog, articles and report writing

I teach all areas of communications for the Civil Service College, working with governments both in the United Kingdom and overseas.

I'm also a communications consultant for the University of Cambridge, a tutor in public relations, presentation, and media skills for the Cambridge Network, and a writer with eight novels published.

For all your communications needs, I'm here to help.

Lastest Post

Smiley Messaging

I carried out an unusual experiment this week.

I decided to try hitchhiking, to see whether I could get a lift.

But I also wanted to put my communication skills to work to try to stack the odds in my favour.

I needed to get to Madingley Hall, on the outskirts of Cambridge, to talk about some business and writing teaching.

I could have cycled, but it would’ve taken at least half an hour. 

There were also some annoying hills, and that would have meant I arrived hot and sweaty for important meetings.

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Leaders versus Managers

Leaders and managers are often confused as being one and the same.

But they’re not. Far from it.

I saw some impressive leadership this week, when I was mentoring at a medical technology event designed to encourage entrepreneurs with their business ideas.

The management of the event was good.

We knew where to be, at what time, who we were speaking to, what was required of us, and there were refreshments on hand.

All the elements you needed to do your job, in other words.

But the leadership of the event was what... Read more