A chilly apology

Sorry for being out of touch for a while.  It's a familiar, but passable reason - the extraordinary weather.

It feels like the world is hibernating to me.  The roads, towns and villages have been so quiet, the countryside too, covered in its spread of white. 

It's all been very busy on the news front, which hasn't left much time for writing.  But over the weekend, I've finished the first batch of edits for The TV Detective - one down, one to go! - which should mean we're still on course for the book coming out early next month.

As I write, the snow is falling again in Exeter.  It's been a bizarre few days, and more to come, according to the forecasters. When will it end?

One word of thanks - to all the kind people who've made us welcome, wherever we go, and have provided cups of tea to keep us warm.  I can hardly communicate just how much it's appreciated - thank you!