A Happy Place

Every writer needs a happy place. 

I've been spending a fair bit of time at mine lately. It's been one of those weeks. 

I had a couple of writing issues which I couldn't quite crack. Then, just to help, I managed to get myself a cold (right as the sun came out and the weather turned kinder, naturally), which just made the thinking even harder. 

So, I turned to my Happy Place - 

GOOses blog.JPG

Sitting by the magnificent River Exe one evening, I was privileged to be joined by some of my goose friends. Taking the warm air, listening to their contented muttering, gazing at the blue and amber sunset... 

And suddenly the world feels a better place, and the ideas finally start sorting themselves out. 

I now have a cast of characters for the TV drama I mentioned I was working on, along with some new ideas for the summer's teaching. Hoorah! 

It's part of the writing life that some days the words come, and others they stubbornly and rudely entirely refuse to play. 

I've learnt the lesson that, at such times, there's no point beating your head against the wall. Just walk away, find your happy place, take it easy for a while, and it'll all come in time. 

It's not skiving, or being lazy. It's not wasting time. It's simpy necessary. 

No one can be continually creative. We all need a breath, a pause, some space, time to recharge. 

And where better to do so than your happy place?