A Slow Turning Circle

I've been feeling a comparison between my mind and one of those supertankers that plough the shipping lanes of this fair planet.

Not because they carry lots with them, or anything such - no, it's because they take a darned long time to change course.

I've been trying to switch from playwright mode into novelist, with what can only be described as limited success.  After the delightful immersion in An Unnecessary Murder, I'm now getting back to trying to edit the new tvdetective book, but... here's the thing.

Every time I attempt to wax a little lyrical - describe some scenery, take a journey through a character's thoughts, or meander off on a little sub-plot, I keep finding myself wanting to write more dialogue and action.

I suspected it might take a while to get over the addiction of the theatrical world, but now it's becoming silly.  It won't leave me alone!

I can only conclude it's the old story of getting old, and it taking a while for the brain to switch modes.  I've noticed it can also happen in the day job - if I'm doing a piece of radio reporting, I have to think very hard about how to make it work, creating the pictures with words, instead of having them there to write about.

Ah well, I think it's coming, or at least hope so.  My poor publishers have been very patient, waiting for me to get over the emotions of life's storms, and then working on the play, before finally getting round to finishing the new book. 

On a more positive note, it is coming and I hope to have firm news about it in the next few weeks - negotiations are underway, as they say, etc etc.

Finally then, a song for this blog, and today I'm going for New Kid in Town, by The Eagles. Because of the poignancy of its lyrics, particularly on the theme we've been discussing - the cycles of life.  We've all felt this way...