A theatrical question

I keep being asked a question, so I thought here a good place to answer it. The inquiry is this - do I intend to write another play?

My stock humourous answer is currently yes, but only when I've calmed down after An Unnecessary Murder - which probably means in about ten years or so.

I've take the question as a compliment, as nobody has added the rider "let me know so I can be sure to avoid it". Quite the contrary, I've been lifted and flattered by all the kind and warm feedback, so thanks very much to everyone who's got in touch.

Back then to the question, and the answer is yes - I would try to write another play, although not for a while. It's about time I got on with finishing another tvdetective novel first.

(And a quick aside to those of you who keep asking - yes, work on the next one is well advanced.)

My experience of the fascinating world of the stage was a great privilege on many levels. Early in the process of the shaping of An Unnecessary Murder, I realised I was learning a huge amount.  Not only about the theatrical life, but also about the arts of writing character, dialogue and action - very useful indeed for a humble novelist.

As the rehearsals proceeded, I told myself it would have all been worthwhile even if no one came along to see the thing.  But that, of course, was my safety net in case of disappointment (a basic human need, isn't it?), and I was delighted when so many people did.

And then there are the friends and allies you make on such a project - a truly emotional and bonding journey as you strive together in pursuit of the common goal, the best possible performance. I still miss the play and the cast and crew, and suspect I shall for a good many months.

As ever in life, it's the humanity of an experience that touches you the most.

If / when I do write another play, I'll keep you updated on the News and Events page of the site - www.thetvdetective.com/news.html  I've been sloppy about filling it in of late, but have resolved to be more diligent.  I've got quite a few talks and events coming up in the next few months, and will pop them on.

So finally, a favourite song to go with this blog (however vaguely).  And this morning I'm going for my first classical choice, and Carl Orff's O Fortuna, from Carmina Burana.  I've chosen it because it feels dramatic, and is a good musical estimate of my emotions as I  watched the performances of An Unnecessary Murder.