Ah, fair summer...

How sweetly summer has been flirting with us of late, and how very welcome her fickle attentions are.

I'm thinking not just as a long suffering member of the human race here - tired as most of us are with what's felt like an extended and bitter winter - but also as an attempted scribbler of the odd novel.

(And some odder than others I hear you say, but let's continue anyway...)

As an author, the longer, lighter and warmer mornings and evenings sure do help.  It's my routine to do most of my day's writing in the morn.  I usually get up about 6, to make sure I can fit in a couple of hours before work comes calling.  I tend to be at my freshest and most creative then.

In the evenings, I don't do much actual writing as I'm usually pretty jaded after the day. But what they are good for is thinking and planning.  I often sort out the next section of the book I'm working on in the evening, ready to set it down come the morn.

I also find it a remarkably powerful way to relax, switch off, and leave behind the tensions of the day; the simple act of settling back, closing your eyes, and letting your mind wander.

So, it's been splendid over the last few days to get a sense of the kinder season to come, and feel the inspirational power of the sunshine. Long may it continue!

A few questions have arrived over email in the last couple of days.  I'll try to answer them in the blogs to come, so apologies if there's been a short delay.  But do keep asking, I always like hearing from you.  You can get in touch via the contact page of the site - www.thetvdetective.com/contact.html