An uplifting evening

My thanks to all who toddled along to Stoke Library in Plymouth on Thursday for the Murder Mystery evening. I had a splendid time, and I think from the reaction of the audience that they did too.

The Writers' Club plot was beautifully put together, supremely well performed, and kept everyone guessing as to who may have been the killer, myself included.

And who would ever suspect the vicar's wife, eh?!  Scandal!

But a particular thanks must go to all those who were kind enough to come have a chat and be so very warm and encouraging about my fledgling attempts at writing novels.

I've mentioned before - it's a recurring theme in fact, looking back - how lonely this writing lark can feel.  You sit there, day in and day out, tapping away on your computer, and often you wonder whether what you're doing is any good at all, worthy even of ever seeing the light of day.

And even when you have the reassurance of a book actually being published, then comes the angst of imagining people reading the thing and imagining what they're making of it.

So it was a great pleasure to hear so many of you seem to enjoy the tvdetective series - many thanks for telling me so, it is hugely appreciated.  Some days a man needs an uplift, and you certainly provided it.

I'll try to answer one question here that many of you raised.  Yes, a new tvdetective novel is in production, is mostly finished in fact - apart from needing some serious editing (as ever), which may take a while - and I'm sorry it's been so long in the making.  My only excuse is that emotionally it's been a bumpy year in my life, with some traumatic family issues which made writing difficult.

However! I'm feeling better now and think I can sense the muse returning, so readers beware what you wish for.  I'll hope to bring you news of a new book in the not too distant future...