Anticipation is such a wonderful thing - the driver of so much of writing and life. 

I've been enjoying plenty of it this week. From the build up to the start of Euro 2016, to teaching at the Winchester Writers' Festival next week, not to mention two weeks of hols to fully enjoy it all..

Ah, so sweet is the scent of anticipation. 

Even today's rather curious element of anticipation, a first for me, has been a joy - rehearsing the panto I've written for the Swanwick Writers Summer School on Skype - 


(This is director and fellow thespian Phil looking very actory,)

Anticipation is fundamental to writing. From the very start of a story, writers build up the anticipation. Of what's going to happen in the plot, or to the characters... it's all about that journey. 

And, as ever, it's a reflection of real life. The thrill of nerves that comes from a big moment, and never quite knowing how it'll turn out.

I shall be savouring the anticipation of so much in the days to come.