Sunshine Through the Clouds

We put our heart into what we do, us writers. We're not neutral producers of our work. We're a part of it. Feeling all the way, living the ups and downs.

Which can make the journey scary and tough.

You know what I'm talking about. An idea grabs you so you do some work on it, sketch it out, play with it, hone it, get it ready, then finally write it..

... and have good days and bad, when the words come happily, and when they won't come at all.

... then re-write, and re-write, and re-write, and re-write some... Read more

Music for Writing

I played a little game last week, for no better reason than curiosity and to get to know some important characters better.

It was my birthday meal, a dozen good friends gathered (all chaps, it was a boys' night), and I asked each to bring along their choice for their favourite song of all time.

The answers in a moment, along with my own, but first the point of this blog. I started thinking about the role of music in my writing and realised something interesting -

The kind of music I listen to when I'm writing is heavily influenced... Read more

Relationship Ends

Two relationships have come to their inevitable ends this week, and it's left me a little sad.

We'd been together for months, spent lots of time in each other's company, got rather close, but that's the way it goes in this writing life.

Allow me to introduce you to who I'm saying my goodbyes...

Notebooks retire.jpg

The small one in the foreground is the notebook I keep with me just about everywhere, and whip out for a scribble when an idea strikes. It's pocket sized, robust, and ideal for the job.

The larger one in the background... Read more

The Garlic Bread Insight

A portion of garlic bread reminded me of an important writing lesson this week.

It must be one of the simplest of starters, yet it had a remarkable impact on both body and mind.

I was feeling hungry, and could smell it being prepared - it must be one of the most unmistakable of scents - and that prompted my stomach into a bubbling rapture.

The impact was so impressive that in the couple of minutes before the bread arrived, out came my trusty notebook and down was scribbled a few lines under the heading REMEMBER - HIT ALL THE... Read more