Persistence and Belief

It's been a week of flirting with an idea, a flighty and maddening one, making for a very off and on relationship, but now I think we may finally be settling down together.

Last weekend, I had a notion for a short story, which I liked very much. In just a few seconds, I could see how it would start, develop and end, with a little twist, and a side order of wry social commentary.

On Monday, I started writing it. The beginning went well, the middle section ok, but the ending just wouldn't work.

I tried again on Tuesday,... Read more

Justified Fun

I'm establishing a warm and loving relationship with a new phrase which I think describes much of this writing life very well - justified fun.

This weekend, as a local author and journalist, I was invited to open a beer festival here in my dear Devon...

BEER fest.jpg

I did a little modest book promotion, then some (less modest) sampling of the produce. I even had an idea for a new short story and some elements of a character while I was there.

You might just call it a research and marketing afternoon... in other words, justified... Read more

The Pleasure of People Watching

There are many fine arts that go into being a writer, but for me one of the most important is having an observer's eye.

I set myself a challenge this weekend - to toddle into my local pub for an hour, have a pint, and do nothing except watch people. 

The task was to gather as many ideas for quirks / elements of character, details of setting, and thoughts of stories as I could.

In essence, I was people watching, and it was a great pleasure. I did allow myself one diversion from simply watching, because I just couldn't resist... Read more

The Dreaded Resolutions, a Joke, and a Confession

I resolved I wouldn't make any New Year Resolutions, so here we go with five of a writing kind -

1. To pass on more of what I've learnt, both as an author and journalist, and both to youngsters and adults.

I love teaching; it's the legacy thing, a sense of doing some good in the world. When I help a young person into a career in the media, or a fellow writer to get published, it's one of the most joyous feelings I know.

2. Write a romance novel.

I can't be bored in life, for me that's a... Read more