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Writing Hangovers

What's worse even than the pain of a hangover from drinking too much port, or red wine? The answer...

The morning after feeling following a big writing event. 

Last weekend, I was privileged to be a part of the Winchester Writers' Festival - 

Winch outside.JPG

This is a snapshot which captures so much of the event; strangers all brought together happily by the shared passion of writing. I was teaching a few classes - 

Winch teaching.JPG

... and had a splendid time, as ever. It never feels like work, just fun, fun, fun. 

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Emotional Attachments

There's a curious split in my life, and I've been wondering if it's shared by other writers? 

I don't usually have any trouble with throwing things out. Whether it's clothes, or books, kitchen bits or whatever, if it's past its sell by date then out it goes. 

But that's very much not the case with anything to do with writing. 

I can't chuck out old notebooks, or programmes from literary festivals, or outlines for talks I've given, or anything that's part of the wonderful writing world. It just feels wrong. 

I noticed this little quirk recently when I bought a new laptop. Everything from the old one is transferred to it, and backed up, but could I chuck the old one out? 

Not a hope. I felt queasy at the thought.

So into the corner of my study it went, along with its predecessor - 

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A Criminally Good Question

An excellent question was raised at the Tiverton Literary Festival crime panel yesterday. It's one which I've heard before, but never really managed to find an answer for... 

Perhaps until now. 

It was this - Why is crime such a popular genre amongst readers? 

Good question, very good point. After all, in our real lives we very much don't want to be involved in crime, do we? Yet we're so keen to read about it, often in all its gory horror. 

The answer came to me in an analogy while I had a rapid think. I'm not sure whether this is me thinking, or in pain, but it's a taste of what the session was like - 


I saw it like this - imagine you're driving along a motorway and there's a crash on the opposite side of the road. We know we shouldn't, but who of us doesn't peer over for a look at what's happened? 

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