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The Right Reaction

There's an interesting range of reactions when you give a writer feedback on their work. 

I've known a a few tell me something along the lines of "You obviously can't see the potential / You don't know what you're talking about / You're really missing out if you don't want to work with me on this..."

And you just shrug, wish them well, and let them get on with it.

(Albeit with a stab of irritation. After all, they asked for your thoughts.) 

But there is another reaction, which is happily far more common. 

GoSLs BloG.jpg

Why are you getting another of my beloved riverbank pictures here, I can sense you asking?

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Guarding the Garden Within

Everyone has their own sacred inner garden - the place where thoughts, ideas and creativity grow. 

And it needs guarding most jealously. 

This is my worldly garden of inspiration; my beloved River Exe. 

blog GaRDen.JPG

Like any physical garden, it has its sweetest moment of day. For me, that's dusk, when the sun sets over the bridge in a fiery display. 

But my inner garden of creativity also has its moment. And that's the early morning time. 

I tend to wake with a mind full of ideas and need to get them straight down onto paper. 

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Surprises are such an important part of writing, and indeed life itself. 

I'm just back from the wonderful Swanwick Writers' Summer School, after a dizzying week of delights. 

SwAN pic house.JPG

(This is the beautiful lawn outside the main house, where everyone gathers to swap thoughts on courses, their writing work, and life.)

Some of the most memorable moments of the week were all about suprises. I was part of a panel on crime writing, which was going along nicely, when...

SWan pic gun.JPG

It's not every day a speaker at an event gets a gun out (no matter how unruly the audience).

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