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Entrances and Exits

A dear friend of mine, the cameraman I've worked with for more years than I care to remember, has gone and retired. 

May I introduce - and humbly thank - Mr Adrian Francis, an absolute giant of the TV industry, hugely talented and experienced, one of the kindest people you'll ever meet, and a great loss to the BBC and broadcasting. 


(Anyone who can work with me for years, live the adventures we did, and still keep smiling deserves respect by the truck load.) 

But here's a thing. 

Despite his popularity, and amazing career, Adie departed with a quiet leaving do; no grand speeches, just a few colleagues he holds close.

And that got me thinking about the entrances and exits of our times. 

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The Perfect Holiday

I've just enjoyed my perfect holiday. 

Laying on a beach and doing nothing has never appealed. My brain refuses to switch off.

For me, ideal breaks involve the loves of my life in a beautiful location, and so... 


The Swanwick Writers' Summer School is just ideal. This is the delightful old house, with writers enjoying the evening sun. 

Everyone there comes together for the love of a shared passion - writing. 

Oh, and there's more than a bit of fun, too - 

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Close to the Action

I did a travel back in time, mid life crisis, step outside of my comfort zone thing this week - 

I took my basic motorbike training test. 


Aside from the fact the tutors thought it would be a hilarious idea to give me a little pink scooter, it all went well and I passed. 

Even more surprisingly - without damaging (1) myself, (2) the scooter, and (3) any other road users.

But it reminded me how important it is for writers to get as close to the action as possible.

What really struck me was how sensuous an experience it was. 

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