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A Legacy Resolution

It might be a little pompous (you know me), but this week a thought came to me which I liked.

It struck me as very worthwhile, a legacy thing even, and so I plan to adopt it.

I don't usually bother with New Year resolutions, but I was out on a run, musing away as I do...

And perhaps the scenery inspired me. 

I was thinking about the various stages of life, and how we embrace them. 

At the start of our careers we tend to be go getters, full of energy, throwing ourselves into anything that comes up. 

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Superpowers and Secret Weaknesses

I was asked a couple of excellent questions this week. 

I've always liked questions.

They've looked after me well in my years as a journalist, and are much underrated in life.      

How else do we make progress if we don't ask questions?      

Why do those birds have such different beaks? (C Darwin) Why did that apple fall on my head? (I Newton) Why don't I have a vote? (E Pankhurst) etc etc.     

These two questions were powerful because they forced me to think about myself, react fast, and in front of an important audience. 

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Commerce in Character

Scenario - you're faced with a choice of two products. 

They could be goods, like tins of beans or crime novels, or services, like communications training and support. 

They're roughly equal in terms of what they're offering, quality and content wise, and price too. 

So, which do you choose? 

If that was me - and based on the majority of experiences I hear - you go for the one you like the look or sound of most.

In other words, the character of the product.

Which is why image, and the way we present ourselves, can be so important. 

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Paradigm Shifts

Some moments in life just take your breath away. 

And being the curious and magnificent phenomenon that it is, life can spring them upon you at the most mundane times. 

They can teach you important lessons, as well. 

So, the preamble aside, what am I talking about now (as regular readers of these musings must be very familiar with thinking)?

On Friday, I went out for a run. 

Ok, there was nothing remarkable about that.

I try to do 2 or 3 a week, to keep this aged old body is some kind of a passable shape, despite all the miles on its clock.

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Faces in the Crowd

One of the most common questions I get asked in my communications work is this - 

How can you feel confident while you're giving a presentation?

Where does that sense of knowing you're getting through, saying the right things, and making an impact come from? 

The answer? I have a little trick that I find always helps.

I gave a couple of presentations last week, which were both challenging in their ways. 

Above is a picture from my talk at Exeter College in Devon, my dear old homestead.

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