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Social and Anti Social Media

Social media is such a divisive subject. 

No one disputes it can offer a great opportunity for writers and businesses of all kinds. 

It's the first time in history they've had the chance to potentially reach millions of people directly with a message, and all for free. 

But, as ever in life, there's a but.


I've been spending a fair bit of time with social media recently - teaching it as part of the excellent Learning at Work Week, as above - and also on a blog tour for my new book. 

Something which often comes up when teaching it is the fear of online abuse. And yes, it is a hazard. 

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Pride and Passion

Pride and passion - who doesn't love those joyous twins? - and I've had the delight of dancing with them for much of this week. 

I've been working with Pint of Science week, a series of talks in pubs by leading scientists, about their work. 


I've heard about everything from the tininess of DNA replication to the huge violence of the fires of the sun, with artificial intelligence, stem cells, viruses, superbugs and so much more as well.

Some might find science a turn off, but no way; not done like this. 

Because apart from the fascinating insight into the cutting edge research there was something else.

Something which has such a wonderful appeal, which goes to the core of what it means to be human, and which has universal appeal.

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The Luck Garden

More than a few times in life I've been told... you're lucky. 

Working for the BBC, being an author, travelling, teaching, meeting extraordinary people, going to amazing places, witnessing remarkable events. 

I was blessing my good fortune this week when I was in a workshop, held outside in the garden of part of Cambridge University, talking with and listening to some wonderfully talented people. 

LlLlLlLLluck blog.jpg

It's true, I've had my share of luck in life. 

Although anyone born into a developed country, with decent health, good schools and teachers, and parents who love them and want the best for them, would (should?) probably also count themselves lucky. 

But there is more to it than just being born lucky. You can very much help to make your own luck. 

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Philanthropy, Pound Notes and Passions

I imagine most of us would - if we had millions of pounds - give a little of our riches away to causes we care about 

But for me, philanthropy is about much more than just money. 

Which makes it open, in some form, to just about everyone. 


I had a wonderful time this week in Somerset, doing an aspiration and inspiration event for a hundred or so highly talented school students.

Above is part of a fascinating - and highly entertaining - demonstration of how magic has influenced science over the centuries. 

I was working with the students on the importance of a mix of clear, creative, and also lateral thinking as part of their university applications, job interviews, and life in general. 

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