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A Very British Problem

I get to see a lot of presentations in my communications consultancy work, and there's a certain very noticeable something which is often lacking.

It's a shame, because it's both important and effective. 

And it's a very British problem, which can be easily remedied - 

Incidentally, it's also something I think is fundamental to me doing passably well as a tutor.

Why did this careers lecture go well (apart from me doing my Dad dancing impersonation)?

Because I had a terrific twenty years with the BBC as a News Correspondent, and I wasn't shy of telling the students that.

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Fixing the Odds in Changing Careers

When I was thinking about changing careers, I was given one piece of excellent and indispensable advice. 

It's something I've handed on to a few other people since, it always seems to work, and so is probably time I wrote about.

For me, the time was 18 months ago, and it was a very big move.

I was contemplating leaving the security, renown and prestige of the BBC, to test myself as a teacher and trainer here in Cambridge. 

I'm very glad I did, as the move was a renaissance for me, allowing me to learn new skills and do my little bit to help others in the world. 

This week, for example, I gave a lecture to Cambridge University students about media careers.

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Teaching, Speeching and a Wonderful Whisper

There's one big, tempting, sabre toothed trap that people can fall into when teaching. 

I've seen a fair few examples of it in my years at conferences, schools, and universities, watching others do their thing.

It's kind of understandable, but that doesn't make it any more forgiveable. And it's this - 

Confusing teaching with speeching. 

I was privileged to speak at two fantastic events this week, which both went really well. 

The inaugural Cambridge Social Media Day, above, was fortunate to see none of it. 

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Sad Beginnings, Happy Endings

I can be such a hypocrite. 

Whenever I'm teaching anything to do with presentations, or public speaking, I always say, time and again - 

Know where you're going. Be there early. Be organised. 

It helps you relax, and you can welcome along the group, which is useful in establishing a rapport from the start, and helping you to perform. 

So then, that hypocrisy...

This week, I had a big event. My first full day teaching for the excellent Cambridge Network. 

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