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Inspiration and Intent

There is an evil enemy, which I've been running from for a few years, but now need to stand up to and face. 

Finally this week, I found the intent to do so, and think - hope - that it will bring some fascinating new experiences. 

I made the decision on Monday, travelling back from London to Cambridge, after teaching media skills to a group of Malaysian parliamentarians. 

They were a delight to work with, so energetic and enthusiastic, and with some wonderful insights into the ways of politics in their country. 

We got on so well, they even insisted on taking photos of me for their social media. 

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Place, Productivity and Pleasure

What a difference your surroundings can make to the quality of your work. 

I've felt that repeatedly in Cambridge, and plenty this week. 

I held a public speaking workshop with the wonderful students of Newmarket Academy, in the beautiful surroundings of St Catharine's College. 

We were asking an intimidating lot of the young people - to put together and give a talk, in the imposing surroundings of a Cambridge College.

But they really rose to the challenge, and did a great job. 

Part of the reason, they told me, was the privilege of being in such an ancient and magnificent place. It really helped them to work hard and do their best. 

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Productive Distractions

Distractions have a bad name in the world of business, communications and writing. 

Don't get distracted, you're told from schooldays onwards. Focus on your work. 

Fair enough, and true enough, most of the time, anyway. 

But here's a word in praise of distractions, because they can really help your productivity.

I was doing some communications work this week with a senior bod, and we decided to do it at her house. 

Because you know what it's like if you try to get some peace in the office - continual knocks at the door, can I just have a moment, phone ringing, etc etc.

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Glamour and Grit

I consider myself fortunate in life, a view that many others seem to share, and are often keen to say so - 

You're lucky they tell me. Giving that talk, or travelling there, to do that writing event, or news story, or meeting all those interesting people, with that teaching

I would never disagree. But it's not quite as simple as being lucky

There's plenty of grit that goes with the glamour. 

This week, I was privileged to be invited to the Judge Business School in Cambridge, as part of a large audience who would assess the merits of the pitches for support of 40 aspiring businesses.

It was indeed glamourous. The event was created by the Duke of York, who was there, along with dozens of prominent and successful people. 

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