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Well Paid, Well Appreciated, Wellbeing

Wellbeing at work is a big issue for many, but happily I’ve got a simple secret to help yourself feel good.

It’s all about being paid versus being valued.

I’m lucky in that I enjoy just about everything I do (although the paperwork concerned with being self-employed I shall pass no comment on.)

I love my writing, and my teaching, but there is one area which I treasure most of all…

And for me, that’s the secret of true well-being.

I’ve just come back from Guernsey, where I’ve been helping the finance sector with their communications. 

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Cracking Chairing

It looks simple, but - like so many things - it's not quite that straightforward. 

What am I talking about you ask?

Chairing a panel. 

I’ve been lucky enough to moderate some fascinating discussions this year, including with senior figures in Google, the world of literature, and science.

Happily, the feedback on my work has been kind, and people keep asking how to chair a panel successfully.

So, in the spirit of love and sharing, and especially as we enter the festive season, I thought I would set out my 12 chairing tips of Christmas in this blog.


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