Modesty, Credibility, and Redefining Time

That must be the strangest title I've ever come up with for a blog - but it has a serious point. 

We can sometimes be too modest when selling ourselves, particularly at important moments. 

Let me introduce Jeremy Sosabowski, co founder of financial tech firm AlgoDynamix. 

I declare an interest here, because Jeremy is a friend, and an all round top chap. 

But he's also a very good case study for the tricky clash between modesty and credibility.

Part of the reason I like him is his modesty. Even by Cambridge standards, Jeremy... Read more

Turnaround Triumphs

Turning around a failing organisation is a huge challenge, but when it works the results can be breathtaking. 

Think Manchester City, from a club that never did much to serial champions, with great flair and style.

I was lucky enough to experience my own version of an inspirational turnaround this week.

Not on the showbiz scale of premier league football, but perhaps more impressive, and certainly, in my view, more important. 

I was invited to speak, and present the prizes, at an Awards Evening at Newmarket Academy, near Cambridge. 

It's a school which... Read more

The Priorities of Life

I was sitting by the River Cam this week, enjoying a wonderful sunshine summer's day, but feeling both happy and sad about it. 

Happy because the view, the feeling, the thinking were all smiles - 

Sad because about half the people who passed by were missing the splendours.

Why? And I bet you'll guess the reason in a second...

It was because they had their faces down in their phones. 

I wrote a Tweet about it (when I got home - before the accusations of hypocrisy start flying!) and it got quite a... Read more