Drama, Detail and Depth

Presentations and public speaking are complex arts, but I was fortunate to see three of the fundamental principles beautifully demonstrated this week.

If this looks like no ordinary venue for talking about your fledgling business proposal, you would be right.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching communications to another excellent cohort of students at Cambridge Judge Business School, but for a change this time…

Instead of hearing their presentations in one of the lecture theatres, we moved over the road to the imperious Fitzwilliam Museum.

The students made full use of the space available, starting their talks on the imposing upper level, projecting down at their audience.

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Elevators on the Buses

How do you lure people out of their own worlds and into yours?

This was the question I had to think about before I took up one of my most unusual writing assignments…

Becoming writer in residence on buses around my native Cambridge.

My new novel, The Editor, is set in the city, and I was asked by Stagecoach to join some of its services to talk to passengers about the book.

The problem… I was very aware of how most people deal with a trip on the bus.

Head down in their phone, a paper, or a book, listening to music.

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The Most Precious Currency

I have a pet hate which is a cardinal sin, an affront to civilisation, and a capital offence, all at the same time.

(Now that’s pretty bad!)

I was talking about it as part of an interview I did on my new book, The Editor, with the lovely Suzie Thorpe on Cambridge105 Radio last week. 

As a perceptive inquisitor, she asked where the ideas for my books come from.

The answer to that was simple...

Absolutely anywhere and everywhere.

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