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A Webinar Woe, and a Quick and Easy Fix

I made a fundamental mistake when I did my first webinar, last month.

It was schoolboy stuff when I think back on it, and my only excuse can be that it was all so very new, this trying to teach online lark.

Any guesses what it was, from this photographic evidence of the crime?

It’s a simple, but important point.

I think you’ve probably got it...

Yes, I was sitting down. Silly me. 

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Starring on the Screen

A curious side effect of the coronavirus crisis is that...

Everyone is now a TV star. 

Whether you're on a video call, running, or taking part in a webinar, or even being interviewed for the television...

It helps to know how to come across best via your laptop or phone. 

I could write hundreds of words about this, mostly based on my old BBC days, with some chucked in at the deep end modern-day experience as well.

But instead I'm trying something new.

With all due fanfare, allow me to proudly announce...

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Wonderful Words

Soundbites are sometimes knocked in the modern world, with critics complaining they're used too often and too easily.

Which may be true, but…

When done well, they can be stunning. And I’ve seen a brilliant example this week, from a perhaps unexpected quarter.

More of that in a moment, but I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about soundbites, and how to create them.

For all the fancy name, a soundbite is just a way to make your most important messages stand out, whether in a talk, presentation, or a piece of writing - 

And who wouldn't be interested in that?


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Instantly Effective Communications

It seems like everybody is trying to put out messages at the moment, and mostly about the coronavirus crisis.

So, how to get your voice heard above all the noise?

Particularly when you’re having to work quickly in a fast-moving environment.

My company, Creative Warehouse, has been running the communications for a project to build emergency ventilators.

I’ll use the website we created for Global Vent as an example, but these five favourite tips apply to just about any form of communications.


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