Bank holiday

I like Sundays - they're a fine time for relaxing and plotting a bit of murder (fiction only!) - and even more so when they're accompanied by the prospect of Monday off as well.  Yeah!

The ideas for the next book are still shaping up well, so I shall do some more work on them today.  This is one of my favourite times in the writing process, just letting the imagination run and seeing what it comes up with. 

I estimate probably about three quarters of the ideas I have end up being discarded as not working, or being too limited, or perhaps just plain daft to make a book, or even a part of it.  But I enjoy working through them anyway.

And quite often in the comfort of a good pub - purely for research purposes, naturally.  Being able to look around and pick bits of character from people...

One more thing to mention here, and it's a big thank you - to all the people who've read The TV Detective, got in touch with their comments and posted reviews.  I appreciate the feedback and am glad that almost all of you seem to have been reasonably entertained by my latest scribblings.

If you want to see some of the comments, you can do so via the books page -

Wishing you a fine and enjoyable bank holiday...