Morning, and apologies for being out of touch for a while.  I can now confess the reason is that it was my birthday and I've been away for a little celebration.

No, before you ask, I'm not saying how old I am!  But thanks to the kind people who got in touch to wish me a good day.

Back to the writing, and there are a few things to mention. The TV Detective is now well and truly published, the review copies have gone out to various papers, websites and magazines, and that means I get nervous, waiting for the verdicts to start coming back. 

It is a shaky period, awaiting the first reviews, wondering what people will make of the book.  Here's hoping you enjoy it!

Work on the new novel - The Balance of Guilt - is also going well.  I've completed a first draft, and am now going through that to refine it, check it's all consistent and plausible, that kind of thing.  It's due with the publishers by the end of the month, for their thoughts, then we'll go through the re-editing, and then more edits, and then the final edits etc., until hopefully a passable novel emerges. 

I'm not saying too much about the plot at this stage, but it'll be terrorism based, and looks like being the most dangerous adventure Dan and Adam have so far faced.

One last mention - the Crime Day at Truro Library a week on Friday (Feb19th).  It's to mark the renovation of the library, and I'll be there to talk about the new book.  If you fancy coming along, it'd be great to see you.  There are more details on the news page -