Causing consternation

I appear to have unwittingly caused some consternation with my last blog, when I wrote about the joys of riot training and it giving me an idea for the final tvdetective book.

Firstly, I'm a tad saddened to say it wasn't the riot training part which created the worry - a grand total of no one at all has enquired as to whether I'm still ok, in one piece, a little bruised, singed by the petrol bombs etc.

No, what's caused the interest is the idea of the series coming to an end.  Let me make it clear here that I didn't set out to bother anyone in the last blog, nor was I seeking a little cheap publicity - I've always thought the books would finish some day, but I wasn't quite prepared for the reaction that's caused.

So!  A few words of reassurance, to address some of the emails I've received.

Firstly, the tvdetective series isn't going to end for a fair while yet (assuming of course, you kind folk are good enough to keep reading my scribblings).  I can't say exactly how many books are yet to come, but I've certainly got ideas for at least three, and that's before we come to the last one.

Secondly - and this is something which crops up time and again - yes, the relationship between Dan and Claire will come to a resolution.  Would I be so cruel as not to tell you what happens there?!  Yes, I do know what that resolution is going to be. And no, before you ask, I'm not saying which way it'll go.  That's one of the most common questions posed about the books and I'm staying stum!

Thirdly, yes, some of the unanswered questions about the characters will also be resolved, and I'm thinking particularly of our "leading man" here (if ever he deserves such a title).

Now, no more before I do my usual thing and go on too long. You know what I can be like.

Lastly for this entry, a mention for an event going on tomorrow night (Thurs) in Tavistock. It's a celebration of historical fiction, to mark the publication of a new book on the subject by local writer Myfanwy Cook.  Lots of Devon authors will be there, myself included, so if you fancy it, do pop along. There are more details on the News and Events page -