Charles Causley festival

I love being invited to give talks at events, but some are a particular honour.  The Charles Causley festival is one such.

I've always been a huge fan.  At risk of boring you, it goes back to my schooldays and O level English.  We were given Causley to study. 

Now, as a 14 year old, in full teenager cool/strop mode, I suspect you can imagine what I thought of that. But I tried reading some of the poems and was immediately hooked.  I love his way with words, his gentless and delight in the countryside, but also his reflections on his life in the navy, with all that could mean.

To this day, Causley remains one of my favourite poets.   I suspect his influence may also have helped attract me to Devon and Cornwall, so I have much to thank him for.

Anyway, I shall be doing a talk at the festival in a couple of weeks time (June 5th), and it will be a great honour.  There are details on the News page -

There's a whole programme of events for the festival - I'd thoroughly recommend trying one and getting a sense of what a wonderful poet - and man - Causley was.