Christmas and book signings

I hesitate to say it, but Xmas is, if not upon us, then surely looming up fast on the horizon.

I popped into town yesterday to get a sandwich, and Xmas music was trickling - and in some cases blaring - from many a shop.

It appears Dec 1st is the chequered flag for the country to go into full Xmas mode. 

I have given myself an early Xmas present, or at least achievement.  After another long recording session at the weekend, the audio versions of the first three tvdetective books - The Death Pictures, Evil Valley and The Judgement Book - are finally finished.

I feel a tad odd about this.  I thought I'd be relieved - it has been a big chunk of work, and it's remarkable how tiring just talking to a microphone can be - but instead I'm feeling a sort of post-big project emptiness.  It's like a good friend who you've got used to having around has suddenly left your life. 

Even when I wasn't recording before, I was looking through the books to see what came next, what kind of tone and pace to put into the recordings, that sort of thing.  Now I'm just back to thinking about and sketching out possible ideas for new books in the series, and it's not quite so exciting.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about at the start of this blog - as there are now no excuses left, this weekend I'm going to get on with some Xmas shopping.  It's not something I greatly enjoy, or indeed am good at.  The last time I tried to make a start on it, a fortnight ago, I only managed to buy a couple of things for myself.

And lastly, on the subject of Xmas shopping, I've been asked to pop into bookstores to sign some copies of the tvdetective series for presents.  You can find details of the sessions on the news and events page -

If you too are currently steeling yourself to brave the Xmas shopping time, may I wish us all the best of luck!