coronavirus photo diary week seven - Sunday 26th April to Saturday 2nd May

On a bright and sunshine Sunday, like 26th April, 2020, you'd normally expect the riverside to be crowded in Cambridge. 

No longer. Not with coronavirus. 

And here's another unexpected casualty of the crisis.

The swans are used to begging their fill of bread from passing donors, which is why they hang around, hopefully, near the path. 

These days, they're largely disappointed, and instead have to fend for themselves. 


Sunshines times these days just aren't the same. 

Usually the parks, and their benches, would be full. Kids playing, adults watching. 

Now the parks, the towns, the roads, the everything...

All quiet. All eerie. All witness to the unnatural silence that has settled upon the land. 

This was Monday, 27th April. 


Tuesday, 28th April, was one to forget. 

The weather was miserable, cold and rainy, from dawn to dusk. 

Which really doesn't help the mood. 

You'd think the weather wouldn't matter when you're in lockdown. But somehow it does. 

Even just being able to step into your garden (if you're lucky enough to have one) in the sunshine is a great tonic for the spirit.

However, I set about beating myself into a better frame of mind by following the advice, and trying something new. 

Prepare yourself for a shock here. For the first, and probably last time in these musings, I'm about to get cultured - 

I've bought a sample of some opera, and am doing my best to understand at least a little of the art. 

How's it going?

Let's say it's a work in progress. 


The trouble with coronavirus - ONE of the troubles - is you can't escape the bloody thing. 

Everywhere you go, it taunts you. 

I was looking forward to welcoming some fine old friends to Cambridge in June to watch the European Football Championships. 

Out for a walk on Wednesday, 29th April, I was powerfully reminded that wouldn't be happening.

Didn't TS Eliot say April was the cruellest month?

It's certainly felt that way this year. 

Here was another sight to squeeze the heart - 

Schools, usually so full of life, energy and hope...

All chained up. 

This was the last day of a rotten month, Thursday, 30th April


Mind you, Friday 1st May wasn't much better. 

I went out for a run, which is helping to keep me sane, passed the magnificent Fitzwilliam Museum, showpiece of the Cambridge kind...

Nothing, no matter how mighty, is safe from the reach of coronavirus.