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Covid-19 Diary

Coronavirus photo diary week five: 12 - 18 April

Sunday, 12th April, and for once, there were a few people about in Cambridge - 

Enjoying the sunshine on their one permitted outing for exercise. 

And perhaps a show of defiance against the virus on this beautiful Easter weekend.

I got talking to a couple (from 2 metres plus away, of course), who were sitting on the low stone wall outside King's College. 

Why? Because we were all enjoying the antics of their young daughter - 

Normally the college lawns are sacrosanct. 

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coronavirus photo diary week four: 5 - 11 April

I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing the streets of a usually busy, modern city, look like this.

Monday, 6th April, and the East Road, normally nose to tail traffic...

These days you can see all the way along it. 

Once vital, pedestrian crossings have become largely redundant.

There's even an opportunity for starting a new game for the kids - Spot The Car.

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Coronavirus photo diary week three: 29 March - 4 April

Another down day was Sunday 29th March.

The weather turned and it was freezing cold, which only added to the gloom. 

On a brief trip to get some supplies, I saw this, which made me shudder - 

It really does feel as if the party is over... for now, at least. 


A good run on Monday 30th March made me feel better.

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Coronavirus photo diary week two: 22 - 28th march

Monday 23rd March brought the news of the full lockdown, and so the next day, Tuesday 24th March...

That's normally a busy path between parts of the city centre, but now...


And this is the way the bustling modern city of Cambridge continued to look, even the very heart, tourist honeypot of King's Parade.

This, above, was Thursday, 26th March, for me the saddest day of the crisis so far.

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Coronavirus Photo Diary Week one: 16 - 22nd March

This begins at the beginning, as extraordinary stories often do...

But only now, as we begin to talk about a release from lockdown, I've managed to find the spirit to publish. 

In the last few weeks, our smart, sophisticated modern world has changed in ways we never would - maybe never could - have imagined.

I know, because, as a writer, if I'd suggested the story of coronavirus to a publisher...

It would have been dismissed as a plot too impossible to indulge. 

But the old saying about fact being stranger than fiction has stung us again, and all that follows really, actually happened. 

Finally for this introduction, although it pains me to say, words couldn't quite capture all that has unfolded. 

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