Curious questions

An entertaining question has arrived in my inbox.  I sense a certain incredulity to it, but be that as it may, the issue raised is this - Where do I get the ideas for these bizarre Tweets that I post?

Literally speaking, the answer is anywhere.  I always keep a notebook, or at least a piece of paper and pen with me, ready to jot down any gems which may suddenly arrive in brainworld, and the ideas for Tweets can strike at any place, any time.  They can sometimes be triggered by an event or situation - I had one yesterday while dropping off empties at the Bottlebank! - or just materialise from apparently nothing, as can often be the way with thoughts.

I do sometimes make a conscious attempt to create a Tweet.  And, if you really want to know - and you did ask! - I tend to do that in what I think of as downtime.

I don't like to waste time, as regular readers of my rantings will know, it being the one commodity we have a very limited amount of, and - in one of the great mysteries of life - never in fact know how much. So, even when I'm going about mundane tasks, like brushing my teeth, showering, or driving somewhere, I can often try to use the time profitably by thinking up the odd Tweet.

One that's aroused quite some interest of late is the Things and Thongs, Rights and Wrongs rhyme.  Many questions were asked along the lines of - What the hell were you going on about there?!

Good question!

A fair few folk also thought there was something a tad naughty to it, which made me smile.  I like your thinking, but I'm afraid I'm not 19 any more, nor indeed anywhere close...

As you know, it's a rule of the writing world that we're never supposed to explain exactly what we mean with our scribblings.  That would destroy the fun!  It's all down to interpretations.  Which, handily (and not entirely coincidentally), helps with the all important sense of mystery, publicity etc. 

But what I will say about my Tweeting is don't take it all too seriously, and certainly not literally.  You should know by now what a flippant way I often have, how I love playing with words and indulging myself in riddles and puzzles in particular, and that I have, on occasion, been accused of having a whimsical, lopsided, and even just downright weird view of this strange phenomenon called life...

Guilty as charged, I fear.  Now, maybe that's not a bad idea for a Tweet...

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