Da yoof

I've been doing some careers work at Exeter University, trying to give the students an insight into the media and whether it might be for them.

Hence the correct young person speak title of this blog.  Or something such...

Anyway, before I go off on another Hall digression, the like of which you'll be more than familar with by now,  the point was this.

Young folk can get a very bad press, and often seem to be routinely portrayed as wearing hoodies to disguise their identity, whilst doing some mugging / drug dealing as they sport a knife (at best), and (more likely) a sub-machine gun. 

This is not my experience. I found the group I worked with today to be keen, interested, talented, eager and simply looking for a decent future and to do their best in the world.  If any of you should be reading this, it was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for listening so attentively to me.

Part of the motivation for this blog is that I've been bitten by an idea for a new tvdetective book, and it feels like it might have enough mileage to make the perilous journey from thought to reality.  If it does, it will revolve around a group of youngsters who - without giving too much away - get fed up with the way they're being treated by society and try to do something about it.

Enough, before I go too far and blow all my secrets!

Anyhow, that was the point - the thought that so often we old crusties look down on the young folk and tut to ourselves about what they're up to, when why shouldn't they look to us and do the same, and worse?  Who caused these present economic difficulties, for example, but us? And don't they suffer them just as much?

Ok, that's enough, before I really go on and fill the poor web with a rant of Hall-waffle. One final thing to mention here - I actually like doing careers work, with schools, universities, whatever, so if you're interested, feel free to get in touch.  You can email me via the contact page of the site - www.thetvdetective.com/contact.html 

The same goes if you've got a question about the tvdetective books, or any area of my writing. It'd be a pleasure to hear from you.