A couple of dates for your diary, both of which I'd greatly appreciate your support with.

On Tues, 16th March, at 10am, I've been asked to open the new Hospiscare shop on South Street in Exeter.  It'll specialise in books, art and music and I'm delighted to help.

Hospices do some wonderful work - I've seen that at first hand, with members of my own family - so please do pop in.  If you can't make the launch, then bear in mind the shop's there if and when you're shopping in Exeter.  It's a fine cause.

Looking further ahead, on Sunday, August 1st, there's the Exeter Bookfair, in Topsham, which I'll also be opening and will too have a stall for some of the tvdetective books.

I hope you can make one, or perhaps even both, of the events.  I'm proud to support them.

I'll keep you updated on those two, and all other events on the news page -