Horizontal and Vertical Thinking

Even by my standards, that's a strange title for a blog post. You must be wondering what's coming next. 

I suppose it's an experiment. And here's a lovely, and very appropriate picture to introduce it -


I usually start my writing day in my study, or at the kitchen table. But both involve sitting at a desk.

However! When I have a problem to think through, I tend to start the day in bed.

I stretch out on a couple of pillows, grab a notebook and start scribbling thoughts. 

And this is one of the great joys of writing - the way you learn so much about yourself. 

I worked out early on that my best thinking wasn't done sitting at a desk, starting furiously at a screen, trying to come up with ideas. 

My brain seemed to like the relaxation of laying back, and feel encouraged to chuck out some thoughts. 

So that's the way I tend to work. The actual typing at a desk, the thinking in a far more laid back manner. 

The question is then - is that just me, or a more common experience? 

Let the experiment begin...