Instantly Effective Communications

It seems like everybody is trying to put out messages at the moment, and mostly about the coronavirus crisis.

So, how to get your voice heard above all the noise?

Particularly when you’re having to work quickly in a fast-moving environment.

My company, Creative Warehouse, has been running the communications for a project to build emergency ventilators.

I’ll use the website we created for Global Vent as an example, but these five favourite tips apply to just about any form of communications.


1. Mission statement

Think of it as a headline. Force me to stop and look.

Does your mission statement say what you do, in a memorable fashion, and make me want to find out more?

If not, go back and try again.

Just a few words it may be, but it’s absolutely critical.

That’s why every newsroom has teams of top journalists working on headlines.

You can’t overstate their importance.


2. Start strong and striking

For your opening line, build on your mission statement and establish your credibility and authority.

In only a few words, can you set out why you’re worth listening to?

Here’s ours for Global Vent -

3. The reader’s mind

Try to anticipate what your reader will be asking.

We thought, apart from knowing what we do, the most obvious questions were how, and who.

For the how, there's a section on the various work streams, in non-technical language, of course.

For the who, we have a people section, which I’m proud to say is packed with some very clever and accomplished folk.

(I’m hiding at the back, keeping quiet, and hoping I don’t get rumbled!)


4. Silence can be golden

Once you’ve hit the reader with a strong start, expand on it, tell your story, but don’t go on for too long.

Remember one of the Golden Rules of communications…

Less is more.

Say what you need to say and shut up.


5. Don’t forget your ask

Every form of communications has (or should have) a purpose.

Whether to sell, inform, inspire, whatever.

For us, we want more brilliant people involved to maximise the chances of success.

So the ask was simple.

If you need to get some communications together in a hurry, but want to make sure you make an impact, follow these five tips and you shouldn’t go far wrong.