I've always been a big fan of libraries, and that feeling has just grown over the years.

As a child, I remember the simple delight of exploring a library to find a new book, and the excitement of taking it home to begin reading. 

As I've moved from reader to writer, I've come to appreciate libraries even more.  They're so much more than just a place to find a book, look something up, or search the internet.  For many, they're a lifeline, a place to go to meet people and have a chat, and a focus of the local community.

They've also been wonderful in supporting me in my fledgling writing career, for which I'm very grateful.

If you're asking yourself what this little ramble is about - and I suspect that's a common question with my blogs - the answer is this.

I've just got the figures back from the library service about the number of times my books have been borrowed, and I'm taken aback.  Thousands of you are reading the things!

This has come as a most pleasant surprise.  Writing can be a lonely business.  You're never quite sure who's reading your scribblings, if anyone, so it's great to know that all the work isn't being wasted.

Thank you to everyone who's given the tvdetective series a try, whether it be The Death Pictures, Evil Valley or The Judgement Book.

I often do talks in libraries, so if you're interested, keep an eye on the news and events page -  and do come along to one.  I'd love to see you.