Murder mystery night

Now this sounds like fun!  The folk at Stoke Library in Plymouth have written their own murder mystery, which they're inviting you to have a go at solving.

I've been asked to come along and host the event, which will be my pleasure.  I've already seen the plot, and it's a cunning one, which I can certainly say is worth trying to work out.  I may even borrow a bit of it for a book one day!  It's all based around Plymouth, and I won't give too much away, but it involves sordid secrets, drugs, sex and lots of other naughty bits too - just my kind of thing!

I'll also be doing a little talk about The Judgement Book, and have been asked to give some tips on how to write a crime thriller and get published.  That has caused me to question what I actually know about the subject!  However, I've scribbled down a few thoughts and will be happily airing them.

The event is tomorrow night (Thurs, 29th Oct), at Stoke Library, and starts at 7pm.  I'm told there's no need to book, just turn up.  Hope to see you there.