Now, this is a good question -

Why don't I put references to music in my books, I'm asked?  Many authors often quote, or cite songs, to complement scenes.  Why not in the tvdetective series?

It's not because I don't like music. I love it.  In fact, music is how I got into the media and so eventually began writing - I used to be a DJ - but that's a tale too far for this post and a blog for another day!

So, back to the question, before I go off on another Hall meander. Well, I don't put much in the way of music in the books because I fear it can be exclusive.  If you don't know the songs an author is writing about, and you're not minded to look them up, it can be a frustration, a feeling that you're being excluded from a part of the story.  It's as simple as that. 

It comes from personal experience - I have read books where I hear about some song, and it frustrates me, because I don't know it.

The other part of the question is - what's my favourite music?  I like all sorts, but if you pushed me to one songwriter, or artist, I'd go for Paul Simon.  He's got the lot - his melodies are beautiful and haunting, and his lyrics so original and evocative. 

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