My ideal woman

A brilliant question has arrived - cheeky, but great. 

I usually keep a rough log of what questions I have to answer in these little rambles, and try to be good and British by addressing them in the order they find themselves in the queue.  But in this case, because it's such a good question, it's been promoted.

It's this - is Claire my ideal woman?

My correspondent believes she detects more than a certain softness towards Claire in my writing, and perhaps an irritation regarding how Dan (in his bumbling, idiot of emotion way) treats her.  The question goes on to ask - as quite a few do - how autobiographical this may be?

Well, some of that I can answer, some I can't, and - in the traditional manner - some I'm not going to!

I did once have a fairly brief relationship with a detective, a few years ago, but it didn't work well because like most of the breed she was adept at spotting the little falsehoods of male life.  (No, I'm not going to the pub after work, no I'm not planning to go to the football on Saturday afternoon, I'd much rather come shoe shopping with you instead etc etc..)

But yes, it's true, I am very fond of Claire. In terms of how she looks, she's certainly the sort of woman who would attract and hold my attention.  And as for her character, I love that mix of calm intelligence and patient tolerance, yet mixed with a core of steel. She's one of the people in the books I enjoy writing about the most.

And as to the final part of the question, one I've been asked many times before.  Yes, I do know how things are going to end between her and Dan, and no, I'm not even going to give you a hint!

I see summer has remembered its job description at last, so excuse me, I'm off for a run around the river and then to the gym for a circuits class (Man of Steel or what?!)  It's been quite a week, so some unwinding is in order.  I don't often mention work matters, but I had my annual appraisal this week, and it's good news (for me, if not the TV viewers of the south west) - I remain employed!

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