New year

I don't tend to make resolutions - the depressing precendent of years of breaking most within days has tended to scare me off.  So, how about some New Year's hopes instead. 

Firstly, that the new book, The TV Detective satisfactorily answers the questions which have been put to me, about how Dan and Adam met and began working together, and also provides you with some amusement and entertainment in the process.  The edits are just about done and so all looks on track for it to be published in February.

Secondly, that the other next new book of the year in the tvdetective series, The Balance of Guilt, comes together smoothly.  It's now written in outline form and so I can tell you - with reasonable certainty! -  that it's going to be about a terrorist attack, and the first to take the boys outside of Plymouth.  It's due out in September.

Aside from that, my other new year hopes are for the move into ebooks to go well for the series - it'll be interesting to see how ebooks take off this year - and that people enjoy the narrations I've recorded. 

Oh, and a bit warmer weather would be nice too - it's freezing in Exeter this morning!

Wishing you all a fine year...