A funny thing happened to me on the way home... (I was in the fair isle of Guernsey, doing some BBC work) which has led to this blog.

A kind lady from the hotel was driving me to the airport, and we were talking about writing. She said - as folk often do - that she'd like to try writing a book.  But then followed it up with a statement I found rather breathtaking and saddening - that there was no point, as everything had been written and there was nothing new to do.

In a word - no!  Or, in several words - no, no, no, no, no, no!

I understand in part what she was saying. Many things have indeed been written about, but originality and creativity (in my humble view) are only as limited as the human imagination, and for me that's limitless.  There's always something new to do, a different turning to take, a new mountain to climb, another place to explore - otherwise life would become dull indeed.

However, her words did get me thinking. Which I was grateful for, as I had to get on a plane, which I like not at all, so they did prove a fine distraction.

I even remembered back to school days (that's how much I needed a distraction from the flying!) and what may have been my first understanding of my own creativity.  It could even have sown a few of the seeds that set me off on this writing lark.

I would have been about 14, in an English class.  We were told to write a story about "My First Love".  I didn't think twice and just wrote about it, why it was my love and what it meant to me, and handed it in. 

I was then very surprised to be picked out in class as the most original of writers for doing nothing more than that which was obvious to me.  Whilst everyone else was writing about boys or girls, I wrote about music. 

So there you go.  There's always scope for originality, and thankfully so. 

If you are thinking about writing a book, or any kind of story, here's my advice - don't hesitate, just go for it.  It's the most fulfilling, wonderful experience.  It takes you on a journey both through yourself, and whatever world you're writing about.  I'd be lost without my writing. It may even have taken over from music as my love.

And so, before there's too much of an outbreak of the waxing lyrical, to the final choice of songs (you see how seamlessly these blogs work?!)

I'm going to be different once more, and break the rules.  I first said I'd choose my absolute favourite song, and so I will. But there are a couple of others which mean a great deal to me, and I want to set them down here, so I shall. 

In which case, it's last three songs time!  And, in reverse order in the traditional manner, these are they -

3. Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen, because it's soulful and stirring and so much else.

2. I Just Can't Help Believin', by Elvis (the live version, with the full orchestra and the couple of slight fluffs, which just make it all the better) because it's so beautiful and moving.

And the all time Hall number one is -

1. Paint it Black.  And I don't need to say why.

Right, from here on in, no more songs, so I should have the space to answer a few more questions about the tvdetective books, or any areas of my writing.

If you've got a question, you can get in touch via the contact page of the site - www.thetvdetective.com/contact.html    I look forward to hearing from you.