Originality and Optimism

Wow, what a week of weather. 

Across the nation, I can sense writers everywhere blogging about the snow, ice and freezing conditions. 


So I won't be doing that (although please excuse the indulgence of just one of my Tundra in the UK pictures.)

It's no weather blog for me, because originality is a big part of a writer's job. 

It often pays to be a contrarian in this game. Wherever the rest of the herd heads, you set course due elsewhere. 

I've never forgotten the writing festivals I've taught at in the wake of the latest 'publishing sensation', whether it was erotica after 50 Shades, or undead creatures after Twlight, or whatever...

And the agents and publishers all moaning - please, no more light porn! Or vampires. 

Because there's no point trying to chase a market. It's far too fast to move in on.

Once it's there it's already going, going, about to be gone.

All you can do as a writer - and in so many areas of life - is follow your feelings and do what's you. 

Be individual and be proud of it. 

Which means no weather blogging, even if I risk being chucked out of the British club for missing a chance to talk about it. 

But what I can do is be optimistic, and maybe just mention the weather in passing as I am.

Because yes, alright, I admit; it was a hell of a freezing, icy, snowbound shocker of a week etc. 

But it certain-sure meant I stayed in and did some writing. And that's never a bad thing.