A question arrives in my inbox - how do I get the ideas for my plots?

A mixture of ways is the answer.  Some just come to me, as did the concept for Death Pictures - just that one thought for how a code might work was enough to base a book on.  Evil Valley came from seeing the actual place - albeit under its true guise of Evil Coombe - on a map of Dartmoor.

Others, like The Judgement Book, come from a mix of my weird imagination, and things I see or hear - I think Judgement Book started to form after I read a newspaper article about blackmail.

So, I just read papers, listen to conversations, keep thinking, and sometimes an idea will sparkle. 

The idea for The TV Detective came from the weather, but more than that I won't say, to make sure I don't spoil it for you!

The book is currently at the printers - sorry for the small delay - but should be out in the next few days.  The details are up on the site, if you want to read more -