Plots and Morris Dancing

I'm often asked where my plots come from.

The answer can be just about anywhere.  I sometimes read a story in the paper, or hear one on the radio, that sets my mind off into a little flurry of thought.  Or I can just imagine one quirk, or theme around which a whole plot can be based - The Death Pictures was like that, the concept of the whole book coming from an idea for one central riddle.

Often I can find the beginnings of a plot in something I see.  Such it was at the weekend, and is the reason behind the odd title of this post.

Firstly, a confession.  I'm a big fan of Morris Dancing.  I think it's a wonderful evocation of a great tradition, and a hugely enjoyable spectacle.

On which subject, congratulations and thank you to all the Morris Dancers who performed in Exeter at the weekend to mark the 40th anniversary of the first Great Western Morris Whit Tour of the city.  I watched several of the events and found them most entertaining.

But!  I didn't realise how competitive Morris Dancing could be.  In the final dance, on Exeter Quay, there was more than a little lively rivalry regading who should be performing next.

Which set the Hall mind wondering about some future plot based around Morris dancing... well, we shall see!

One more thing to mention here.  A week today (Thurs 15th) I'm hosting a Crime Writing Workshop to raise money for Oxfam.  I've almost finished the planning, and it should be a fun night.  If you're interested, there are more details on the News and Events page -