Rites of passage

There are more than a few rites of passage you have to go through as an author.  I've just completed another, and am feeling rather chuffed about it, in that somewhat pompous way with which regular readers of my musings will be more than familiar.

Thinking back, some of the highlights of the aforementioned -

Doing my first talk about the tvdetective books. I'll never forget this - I suppose for a scribbler it's kind of the literary equivalent of losing your virginity.  Or something such!

It was at Plympton Library, just outside Plymouth, on a dark winter's evening, to a lovely group of people, but I was so nervous I could have laid a carton full of eggs. I think it took approximately 4 days to calm down afterwards.

Another rite that sticks in my mind was the first talk I ever gave to the Women's Institute. It was in a village hall, just outside Dorchester, to an audience of around a hundred, and so was another beating for the nerves.

But my distinction there - apart from failing to recall the words to Jerusalem, and picking the winning Easter cake - was that I managed to present the whole talk with my flies undone.  As one lady pointed out - but only after I'd finished speaking.

Strangely, I've not been invited back...

Anyway!  The point of this particular blog was the latest rite I've negotiated, the source of my self satisfaction. It's this - (cue fanfare) -

The tvdetective novels are to feature as part of a doctoral thesis!

Ok, when you've stopped laughing, we can continue...

(In fairness, that was my initial reaction too).

A post grad student from Exeter Uni wants to interview me about the ideas and inspiration for the books, and my writing process, if such a thing even exists.  Well, it would be rude of me to say no, wouldn't it?! 

I'm just not sure the poor chap knows what he's let himself in for yet!  And as for me, the only worrying part is my scribblings being subject to some rigorous intellectual analysis.

Perhaps it's time to end this blog here...