Snow and hats

As you'll know, I rarely mention work matters on my blog, but as the snow has been such a big part of all our lives over the last few weeks I thought I'd bend the rule a little.

It's been an extraordinary month.  Last Friday, I was working in a temperature of minus 15.  Minus 15!  In Devon!  Who'd have thought that?  It was so cold the camera froze, and I've never known that before.

Not to mention the reporter...

And then there were the poor swans on the River Exe, frozen into the ice - that was such a sad sight - but happily they were all freed with no ill effects.  And so many other remarkable and memorable sights too.

And through all this, there's been wonderful human kindness and resilience.  From people helping each other out while they've been trapped in the snow, others coming to feed the swans and ducks and geese on the Exe, to make sure they're ok, and also those who have taken pity on me.

I don't think I've ever been offered so much tea and shelter before.  And my favourite of all - a big thank you to all the people who got in touch offering to get me a hat to help keep out the cold!

I can now confess I do own one, but the old vanity issue precludes me from wearing it on camera.  Thanks so much though for your thoughts and kindness.

The cold and consequent busyness has rather limited any chance to work on the books, apart from 3 things I'll share with you. 

First, thanks to everyone who's got in touch with praise for The Judgement Book - I do appreciate it very much.  Secondly, I can feel a tvdetective story coming on when Dan and Adam have to investigate some crime set in a big freeze. I feel I know plenty about icy weather now!  And finally, the second round of edits on The TV Detective are underway, and the book should be out roughly on time at the start of February. 

I'm off out for a run now - wearing my hat, naturally...