Sunshine and Clouds

Lows follow highs; it's the way of the world. 

But the sun does come out from behind the clouds, if you can find a little patience.

I suffered a low this week, after such a wonderful time teaching at the Winchester Writers' Festival. 

Nothing was really wrong. It was just a case of life returning to normal, and that being quite a hit after such a high. 

So I moped around in my usual melodramatic way (I sometimes believe writers like to think they feel more than mere mortals, and are keen to make that clear to all concerned), and then...

cLOudS Blog.JPG

Just after I took this picture, the sun broke through again. In only a small way, but sufficient to lift me. 

A chap I vaguely know at the gym beckoned me over, and told his tale - 

He and his wife were on holiday in Turkey. Just a small town, with an even smaller library, he said. She had finished her holiday book, was looking for another, and on the shelves found... 

The TV Detective, by a certain jobbing writer. 

They were delighted, I was even more pleased by the fact they were enjoying the book, and so sunshine broke through my personal clouds. 

I love that about life; how it can change in a single second.

And keep you smiling for days afterwards with the glow of the moment.