Talking books

Exciting news!

For quite a while now, people have been asking me when the tvdetective series is going to be turned into talking books.  I've come to understand how many folk have difficulties with their sight, or just fancy listening to them as they drive, or curl up to sleep.

I've always been keen to see the series as talking books, but the negotiations have taken quite a while - apologies about that. It's all commerce stuff, of which I understand little.

I also made a rod for my own back.  When I was first asked about adapting the series, I said only if I get to read them, they're my stories, after all!  It was a joke, but...

...that has now come back to haunt me.  I have indeed been asked to become the voice of the tvdetective talking books, and naturally I said yes.  I view it as flattering, and an honour.

It'll take quite a while, as all three books (so far) will be recorded.  The Death Pictures will be first, then Evil Valley, finally The Judgement Book.  But I hope they'll all be available by Christmas, which will be great.

I'm also practising some of the voices to use for the characters - that might be the most interesting (or amusing!) part of all.