That DJ thing

You know sometimes how you can wish you hadn't said or mentioned something?!

I've noticed it's happened to me more than a little in my life.  But on this occasion I'm talking about my last post and the news that I was once a DJ.

I don't want to go into it, said I, or at least not here.  And now, naturally, It's prompted a few questions. So, aAs I promised to answer any that are rasied, here we go -

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved music.  As soon as I could, I got a paper round in my parents' newsagents and spent most of the money on records.  That's singles, 45rpm chunks of vinyl, none of this modern downloading stuff.  I like music you can actually hold in your hand.

Well, the love of music stayed with me, and when I went to college, I looked around for clubs and societies to join.  One seemed to match my outlook perfectly - a place I could indulge myself in music and also talk a lot.  The university radio station...

I joined, was trained up (radio studios look like the cockpit of an aircraft when first you meet them - scary) and duly began jocking.  I started doing gigs in local nightclubs too, and quickly realised I could make more money for less work than my original intention on going to college, which was to become a teacher.

So, when I left, I did some DJing for a while, got bored with that, then shifted into radio news, which finally took me into TV news.  And, of course, working in the media led me into this writing lark, and the tvdetective series.

A confession here.  This post has made me go a little misty eyed.  It must be the fond memories of some fun times of younger days!

One more thing to mention today.  I'm at the Writers' Holiday in Wales next week, talking about the books, how to write novels and get published.  If you fancy coming along, there are details on the News page -