The Balance of Guilt

A much awaited - and also rather dreaded - email has arrived from my publishers.

In it come the suggested edits for the new tvdetective book, The Balance of Guilt. 

The reason I always worry about this is the continual fear that I've overlooked some detail which would render the entire plot impossible.  That would mean, at best, a very large amount of rewriting work, and at worst, perhaps even having to start again, almost from scratch.

I'll give you an example of one little such error in a while, but first the main point of this post.

It's good news!  There were no major structural problems found by the editors, so it's only a question of some minor editing, a bit of tidying up, subbing and tightening, and some improved characterisation.


That all means Balance of Guilt should be fine for release in September, as per the plan. 

As to the detail of the book, it's the first of the series to be set outside of Plymouth, and involves a terrorist atrocity, but more I'm not saying - for now, at least!

One more thing to mention here.  The Crime Writing Workshop I'm holding tomorrow night (Thurs) in aid of Oxfam.  If you've ever thought about writing a book, or just fancy an entertaining (I hope!) evening out, do come along.  There are details on the News and Events page -

Finally, about that previous little error in the editing process - an amused email from my publishers informed me that, in a previous book, the plot all seemed to hang together well, aside from the minor issue... of me killing one of the characters twice!