The Judgement Book Reviews

A quick word of thanks to everyone who's got in touch to let me know what they thought of The Judgement Book.

I'm pleased - delighted in fact - that you've been almost entirely positive.

It's a nerve wracking time, when the book is first published, people start reading it and coming forward with their views.  In the world of the internet and email, it's so much easier to air your opinions these days.  So much work goes into writing and editing the book, but the real moment - the judgement moment, if you like! - only comes when people start to read it.  To hear about their enjoyment is a wonderful vindication of all the work and very uplifting.  So - thank you!

If you're interested in some of the comments, you can have a look via the books page -

One more thing to add - I know you're a very polite and kind bunch, from meeting many of you in the talks I do, but I'd just like to say that I don't mind a bit of criticism either.  I count myself very much a newcomer to this writing lark, and comments from readers always help me with how I put together future books.

On the subject ot which, got to get back to just that very thing now.

Wishing you a fine week.