The Love Thing

As I'm in a frivolous mood, I thought I'd start this musing with an aside.

Wow!  How creative and crazy am I?!  Or yes, perhaps just daft.  But anyhow, the aside is - what a sweeping title for a blog.  I just hope the rest of the rant can live up to it...

So then, love.  Well, I was prompted by the passing of Valentine's Day to think about the issue of love in my scribblings.  And I suppose I've come to the conclusion I never really got the hang of it.

Even we bloodthirsty and nasty crime writers have to dabble a little in love in our books. It's such a fundamental part of life and this curious experience of being a human.  It can't be all murder and disaster, you've got to give your characters some leeway for other feelings, not to mention the poor reader.

But Dan, as many will know, is not good with the concept of relationships, to say the least.  Poor Claire - of whom I'm incredibly fond, as you may have noticed - suffers so much with the insecurities and doubts of the man she loves.  I sometimes wonder why she bothers, as indeed does she.

(Another aside - and yes, we will find out one day how that all comes out... or not.)

Anyway, I have been reassured by feedback from male readers of the tvdetective books that Dan is a fairly normal chap in regard of love.  And interestingly, there was a worry from my publishers, agents etc. that Dan being such an emotional idiot may alienate female readers.

But it doesn't seem to have done so, fortunately - I'm told that the majority of those who suffer my books are women.

Maybe they've met many a type like Dan before?!

So, that's it with the love thing, I've come to the belief that I'm just writing about what I know (or, in this case don't), which is often said to be the best way.  And finally on this subject, another important love matter... as for taking it all one step further, and putting some sex into the tvdetective books, that's a definite no!

If I never really got the hang of love, then I'm certainly not going into my understandings of sex!

And there I'm going to end this blog, before I get myself into some real trouble, aside from to say....

There is a dabble into the world of relationships in the play, too.  I couldn't resist mentioning it because it's such a big part of my world at the moment, and I'm loving it.  

The rehearsals and preparations are all ticking along nicely, and I'm ridiculously excited, more than two months before An Unnecessary Murder even takes to the stage.  Even more so as I heard yesterday that tickets have just gone on sale and some have already been bought.

Thank you, kind people, whoever you are - at least I now know I won't be sitting alone in the theatre!

There's more about the play at the bottom of the Home Page -    Hope to see you there.